Friday, April 23, 2010

Record Set!

This Spring 2010 Sale is our second time experimenting with two major differences from prior years.

First, there are no children's/young adult books at our sale. Per popular demand, we have split that sale out and it occurs approximately 1 month before the Semi-Annual Huge Sale.

Second, this is the second time we've operated under different hours/days structure. This was necessitated by County Budget changes.

So, we're missing the Childrens/YA buyers, and we've spread out the days by starting on Wednesday evening (with truncated hours) and having two weekdays (Thurs/Fri) instead of just one. You'd think that would cause our numbers to drop.

Except, Thursday's sale numbers are approximately $2000 more than they were last Fall, the first time we dealt with both changes.

Wow.  This tells us a few things:

1.  Our sorters are outstanding
2.  Our book sale volunteers are awesome
3.  Our patrons are faithful, and amazing

Well done, Reston and surrounding areas! Stay tuned for the rest of the sale!

Also, we keep getting this question:
Do you do a box or bag sale the last day?

No, unlike most booksales, we are still putting out fresh, first quality used books on Sunday. Booksales that mark down often do so because they recognize that what is left by the last day of their sale is much less marketable and they have no mechanism for storage or disposal of those unsold books. At Reston Friends, we give the left-over books a good second life through charity donations, so we have no need or pressure to mark them down. Thus, we do not do a bag or box sale at the end of the sale.

If you like to shop a mark-down 'sale ending', we do recommend our sister Friends Group, at George Mason Regional Library, that does a bag half price sale on their last day.  Their book sale is next weekend.


ThomasJefferson said...

Congratulations! We are envious...

I have tried Lorna's chocolate chip cookie recipe from your cookbook and have received favorable reviews...great job!

Reston Friends! said...

It won't be long before TJ is up and fully running -- and we're around to help as well! Just let us know what you need.

Anonymous said...

Unless something has changed in the last few days, GM does not do bag sales on Sunday. They do 1/2 price.

Reston Friends! said...

Oh, thank you, Anonymous! I'll correct it. I mixed up the two concepts!