Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coming Full Circle

Do any of you remember back in November 2009 when we published a negative that had been found inside a donated book? It came in an envelope that had a lot of information potentially interesting to genealogists researching that family. It also had a short letter inside.

We ran the negative and asked if anyone remembered it. There was resounding silence. The facts suggested a Canadian connection so the blogger called up there to the town mentioned, but no answer.  When that didn't pan out, the blogger was unable to stand it, so posted a query on (which you can access via the FCPL system) under the surname in question.

Finally, the blogger received a query from a McGrath descendant in North Carolina (are you following this? Virginia, Canada, North Carolina...). Contact established, the blogger sent the photo to the person in NC. This was back in late November 09.

A few days ago, our blog received a response from the Reston end of the puzzle.  This is the gist:

I am just getting involved in this as it is being passed on to me by my McGrath relatives in Canada via my McGrath brother in California. It must have come from me because from time to time I drop books off for donation. (I wish I knew the book title that it was found in). My father must have been reading something while visiting here in VA. He was last here in 2002 and he passed in 2007. Thank you so much for bringing back to us this wonderful negative!!! Also, thanks for bring some cousins together who hardly know each other! We all come from such large families and are all over No America as well as a few on other continents.
(Name Withheld - but it does contain McGrath!)
(Reston resident)

What's really cool about this is that the person who contacted us through the comment section of our blog turns out to be the realtor who connected us with the fabulous collection that eventually led to our CATastrophically successful CAT book sale in the Summer of 08. Who knew?

So, the point of the story is that the Friends of Reston Regional Library is about more than supporting the library through book sales.  We connect people. We encourage people. And we try very hard to be kind and have fun while we do it.  Wouldn't you like to be part of this community? Join us by clicking on the box on the sidebar. Or e-mail us to volunteer!

And here's the reverse of the negative (done by the blogger's 13 year old son)...

Nice to come full circle.

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