Thursday, June 24, 2010


There are three library branches re-opening this summer after complete renovation. Don't worry -- all the money allocated for these renovations was committed long before the budget crisis arose.

If you're out running around and want to see what a brand new, pristine library looks like, stop by one of these grand openings. You can dream about what we might be able to do when it is eventually Reston Regional's turn to be renovated. We are assured it will happen someday. After a referendum on the ballot says "yes"...whenever the referendum will be included on a ballot...don't hold your breath.

JUNE 26 (THIS SATURDAY) - THOMAS JEFFERSON (Falls Church). For details, click here.

JULY 10 - MARTHA WASHINGTON (Fort Hunt area).  For details, click here.

JULY 26 - RICHARD BYRD (Springfield)

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