Monday, August 9, 2010

Great Finds for You

Once again, our Amazon store front is full of great books for you!

Need the perfect "off to college" gift?  How about this?

Poultrygeist -- $15.75.  Here's part of a review on Amazon:
For those of you not familiar with Troma, 
don't be fooled by my 5 star rating. 
This movie is horrible. 
Horrible in the sleaziest, bloodiest, cheesiest way! 
My wife left after 10 minutes (Wahoo!;) 
Classic Kaufman. 

Here's the plot if you need one-- 
A fast food chicken joint is constructed on an Native American burial ground. I guess, although I'm not really positive, that these native's spirits possessed the dead chickens and arose from the grave, seeking double revenge. Chicken zombies from hell!!! Bwaaaaahahahaa..... 

Not your style? How about this for a very nice holiday gift?  Still shrinkwrapped, i.e. NEW!

The Alec Guinness Collection -- $80

Or, do you need to do some re-decorating? Try this one on for size:


All of these items are available to our current, local members without having to pay shipping.  Just e-mail us, or call us and leave a message!  703-829-5467

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