Friday, October 15, 2010

Classy Lady

For those of you who think the Charly of the Book Sale is the only Charly we know (you know, the person who is somewhere between Field Marshall and Energizer Bunny, wrapped in positive thought), here is a photo of her at the award ceremony on Wednesday night.  But to "get this" you have to understand some things about the event.

  1. Charly was part of the nominating committte for the Reston Friends
  2. Charly agreed that we would nominate two people, Jack & Judy
  3. Someone else in our organization nominated Charly surreptitiously because this is her 10th year running the Book Sale!
  4. Charly had NO CLUE until she got there! She thought she was going to "show the FRRL flag."
  5. Our other winners were unable to make it that evening.
  6. A big group had just had their photo taken, and Mike Eaton (Access Services winner) had misunderstood what they were doing and jumped up to join them. They explained they were doing a photo of their group only, and he graciously sat down.
  7. When it was came to Charly's turn for the photo, she insisted that Mike was to join HER, and as you can see, he enthusiastically did.
This is typical Charly -- encouraging, kind, motivating, and the life of any party!

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syabbott said...

We are very fortunate to have Charly with all of her hard work and good humor at our Reston branch. Thanks!

Stephanie Abbott