Thursday, October 14, 2010

GREAT Friends

The Friends of Reston Regional Library are pleased to announce our winners of the FCPL 2010 Friends Award.

Jack Waugaman has been serving the Friends of Reston Regional Library for at least ten years as an expert consultant. Jack travels from his home in Maryland on a regular basis to spend a day with our sorters going through books that have caught their eye and instantly pricing them. Throughout his years of helping in this way, he has continuously and generously shared his expertise in unique books with our other volunteers, providing on the job training for anyone interested in learning. This has enabled us to develop a core of local Friends group members who can evaluate donations with confidence, thus maximizing sales of high value books. Jack's gracious and generous nature has provided the confidence the Reston Friends needed in order to launch our highly successful Amazon site.

Judy Konnert has been serving the Friends of Reston Regional Library for six years. She wears many hats. First, Judy is a sorter, coming in on a regular basis to help separate and categorize saleable books. Second, Judy has served on our Board of Directors as Secretary for many years and in that capacity as well as a sorter, works to make each of our Semi Annual booksales the success they are. Finally, in 2006 Judy agreed to take on an experimental idea of selling our higher-value books on Amazon. Navigating the pitfalls of online selling, Judy has turned an experiment into a goldmine. Because of her hard work, our annual Amazon sales now total as much as one of our semi-annual book sales. As a trail-blazer, Judy has been generous in sharing her lessons learned both within our Friends group and with other Friend's groups, helping them launch on-line sales to the extent they're interested.

Charly Karlsson -- what do we say about Charly? She is the glue that holds us together. Her official title is Book Sale Chairperson, but that only scratches the surface. Charly is tireless working to keep the donations moving through our system in order to put on good booksales that produce huge amounts of money to assist Reston Regional Library. Charly's innovative ideas and implementation of same to organize the sorting have streamlined the process. Her insight into human behavior is the key to our booksales being described as "the best" and "the friendliest" by many dealers who go to many sales. She is always looking for ways to let volunteers and staff members know that they are appreciated, and it is often personal regard for her that keeps the rest of us coming back to a challenging job! Just as we say that you can't miss the efforts of the Friends when you look around the library, you can't miss the effect of Charly's indefatigable work when you look at the library as well. Many of the improvements were not only her ideas, but given a goal to fund them, she always comes through -- while taking care of everyone else in the process.

Congratulations to our three outstanding Friends!

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