Thursday, May 19, 2011

Updating Friends News

Congratulations to our new board!  At our annual meeting yesterday evening, the following individuals agreed to serve for the next term.

Brian Jacoby, President
Michael Kenney, Vice President (Membership Chair)
Jen Scutella, Treasurer
Judy Konnert, Secretary
Rik Karlsson, Member At Large
David Little, Member At Large
Helen Fedor, Member At Large

Additionally serving (non-voting)
Charly Karlsson, Book Sale Chair
Kelley Westenhoff, Publicity Chair

Our next board meeting will be August 17, 2011.

Writing Children's Books

Are you interested in writing and/or illustrating Children's books?  Come to a program at Reston Regional Librayr at 2pm on May 21 to find out more about that.  Registration is required, but we'd love to see you!  (This is for adults only)

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