Thursday, June 9, 2011

Charly's Attic Mini-Sale

If you know our dear Charly, you might be a little nervous about what's coming out of her attic to sell . . .

but don't worry, these aren't things from her actual attic. Rather, they are things that have been donated in the last 18 months or so that are not books or are books but not saleable.

People donate all kinds of things, often things they've used as bookmarks. Other times, they donate books that have cracked spines or are faded and worn. Our Semi-Annual used book sale standards are high, so these don't make the cut.

HOWEVER, they might just be what a collector or an artist or crafter is looking for! This is the one time when tearing a book apart to use its contents, boards, end papers, illustrations or something else is not only approved, but encouraged!

So, enjoy these photos of some of our representative items and put this mini-sale on your calendar.  We'll be displaying some of the artwork a group called "Altered Artists" makes using found objects. Perhaps this will stimulate your creative or whimsical bone!

Molded, gilded cardboard Bible cover

We have no idea if this set is complete, but
the constituent parts are cool, too

The football legends - Ditka, Starr, Jurgensen, Namath

From an old LIFE magazine, great advertising
artwork, including this actor who went on to bigger jobs.

The binding is kaput, but the endpapers
are beautiful.

Charly's Attic Sale
July 15 & 16
July 17
at the Reston Regional Library
11925 Bowman Towne Dr.

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