Monday, April 15, 2013

Donations, Donations, Donations

What would your public library be like if nobody thought to donate books and materials to that library? There would be far fewer new books for children and for adult readers. Far fewer new tables and chairs. And far fewer capital improvements of all sorts to the library building and grounds.

Over the years, the Reston Friends have had the privilege to convert your kind donations into hundreds of thousands of dollars for furniture, books, bookcases, children’s programs, eBooks, and much, much more.

Yes, that sentence above does say “hundreds of thousands of dollars”. In addition to the welcome stacks of the latest fiction and non-fiction best sellers, you have also chosen to be generous in donating all manner of print materials. From beautiful leather bound tomes and coffee table eye candy still in the original shrink wrap to music cd’s and dvd’s. From professional and scholarly works to comic books and manga. From heavy oversize books to the smallest miniature collectibles. You have chosen to provide a stunning variety of books and media which the Friends have turned into cash dollars that directly benefit your library and your library system. And we are most grateful that you have done that and continue to do it.

Once again, all your generous donations have made it possible for the Reston Friends to hold another semi-annual used book sale. You have entrusted your treasures to the Friends and we will work our hardest to maximize the monies raised from selling those items. As always, all money raised stays in your community and benefits local residents. Thank you so much for helping to maintain your library’s position as a strong and vibrant force in your community.

To make our point, below are four exceptional and uncommon items that have been donated and that will now be offered at the Spring 2013 book sale. Maybe you’re a collector on the hunt. Maybe you’re seeking that perfect gift to honor a special family member. Or perhaps you’re interested in donating a rare prize to a university or college library of your choice.

Carrying the Fire: An Astronaut's Journeys
by Apollo astronaut Michael Collins
This book is signed on the front endpaper by the following three men: rocket scientist Wernher von Braun, space scientist Frederick I. Ordway III and the author, astronaut Michael Collins. An affixed 1975 magazine clipping describes the occasion where all three men appeared together.

Wingless on Luna: Twenty-fifth Wings Club "Sight" Lecture
by Apollo astronaut Neil A Armstrong
This 1988 lecture presentation was privately published that same year in a limited press run by The Wings Club. The Wings Club has a membership comprised of civilian and military aviation leaders.

The History of Poland from Its Origin as a Nation to the Commencement of the Year 1795
by Stephen Jones
Apparently the first account of Polish history available in English. This specific volume was published in 1795. (not a facsimile copy)

Briefe uber der franzosischen Staatsangelenheiten [Letters on the French State Affairs (the French Revolution)]
by Helena Maria Williams
Three volumes of letters, bound as one volume, giving an eyewitness account of the reign of terror and its aftermath in late 18th century France. Helen Maria Williams (1761-1827), poet and abolitionist, went to Paris as a supporter of the French revolution, and these letters are her account of what she witnessed there. This edition is the German translation of L.F. Huber. This volume belonged to a member of the Austrian noble family Dietrichstein. (not a facsimile copy)

The Reston Friends offering prices for the above four items will be released later in April, as part of the Spring 2013 sale toplist. Photographs plus more extensive descriptions can be made available to the serious buyer.

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