Monday, January 25, 2010

Mysteriouser and Mysteriouser

Today we had a question about our Mystery and Adventure sale.

Q: Will this be one of those sales where people just buy a brown paper bag without knowing the contents, thus the mystery?

A: (Slaps forehead). NO -- the books have been selected for content. The content is mysteries and/or adventure!

If these authors are on your reading list, you might want to stop by.

Agatha Christie
Dick Francis
Ellis Peters
Elizabeth Peters
Arthur Conan Doyle
Tony Hillerman
Dan Brown
Janet Evanovich
Michael Connelly
Patricia Cornwell
Charlaine Harris
Sue Grafton
and it goes on, and on and on. Restonians read a lot of mysteries. Then they donate a lot of mysteries! So our own excesses are our own gains!

Stop by during library hours and pick up a pile of books to read!

NOTE: This is a MINI sale -- not a Semi-Annual Sale -- do not expect the same QUANTITY, but come and be impressed by the same QUALITY...and the fantastic volunteers.

February 5 - 9
Reston Regional Library
During Regular Library Hours
Cash & Checks accepted

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